What to Do in Clarksburg – 5 Things you Cannot Miss 

What to Do in Clarksburg – 5 Things you Cannot Miss 

Imagine Clarksburg, West Virginia, as a suburban getaway spot. Due to the pleasant temperatures in June, August, and September. These are the finest seasons to visit this city. You ought to visit this city during the nice weather. It offers a lot of outside leisure opportunities. To book Allegiant Airlines to explore the city.

What is the Clarksburg top location?

Stop by the Neoclassical mansion, The Waldomore-

Plan your trip to Clarksburg to include a stop to The Waldomore. You enjoy touring old buildings. Waldo Goff, a senator from Virginia. It lived in this elegant brick palace. Prior to the construction of the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library next door. It also functioned as a public library.

After that, the house was converted into a collection of resources on the history and culture of the area. It’s recognized as a National Register of Historic Place. Its genealogical room is its main draw. The Waldomore is still housed within the public library today. There are home visits are offered frequently.

Marvel at the architecture of the Empire National Bank Building-

Beautiful architecture may be found at the century-old Empire National Bank in Clarksburg. This amazing edifice is a must-see. If this is your initial visit touring the city. This bank was established in 1903.

However, it really stopped issuing notes in 1935. The making notes that were created here valuable antique money. Unquestionably worthy a visit, this is an ancient monument in the city. Book Allegiant Airlines Flight to save on deals on flight.

Spend a whole day at Veterans Memorial Park-

Undoubtedly, it is one of the city’s most popular attractions. There are so many adventures available at this park. There are two tennis courts, a skate park. A large kid’s entertainment area, picnic spots.

There is an exercise track that includes a beautiful walk along the river, and more. You could easily spend an entire day visiting this incredible park. There is an infinite list of things to do.

Enjoy a delicious latte at Stonewall Coffee House-

Visit Stonewall Coffee House if you want to taste for some very delicious coffee. If you simply wish a trip to the town’s hotspot. There is a bit of the greatest coffee in town at this cafe.  The coffee house gets the name of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. This location is a favorite for the coffee lovers.  You can taste quickly have a cup of hot, boiling coffee, iced tea, or even icy coffee. Book a Flight Allegiant Airlines to get offers.

Head to Clarksburg Splash Zone with your kids-

The city of Clarksburg has a pool open to the public called Splash Zone. This is undoubtedly one of the largest open to the public in the area with three large pools. There are three pools: one for adults, one for children, and one common pool that everybody may enjoy.

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Additionally, there are loungers surrounding the pool where you may relax while your kids play. Also, because an instructor is constantly on the job. This public pool is quite safe. Clarksburg Splash Zone is sure to please your kids with its assortment of thrills and drown bridges.

Learn about the local history at Clarksburg History Museum-

Visit the Clarksburg History Museum to gain a sense of the city’s past. This museum, which focuses on the city’s past, features constantly changing exhibitions. You will see a plethora of fascinating artefacts.

The artefacts, vintage photos, news articles, and much more. There are a variety of fascinating items kept here. It includes fossils, antique money, glasses, and marbles displays. As well as Amish display cabinets.


Most people who live in Clarksburg own their houses. The area has a modest suburban feel to it. There’s no shortage of pubs or coffee shops in Clarksburg. Clarksburg is home to many families, young workers, and conservative locals. Visit Allegiant Airlines booking manual to book flight.

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