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Are you a reader and looking for ways to reach a wider audience? 

Eltonjohnwashingtondc.com is a general category website that publishes content about different topics frequently and keeps its readers engaged by providing useful write-ups.

Now, we are looking for passionate writers who have sound knowledge about their writing category and are ready to use their useful knowledge and help others with their write-ups.

Our guest-posting program provides you an opportunity to connect with our readers and make your audience base wider.

We also have certain guidelines and policies regarding guest posting that are mandatory to be followed by every guest author.

So, if you want to grab this chance, read this page wisely and email us with your content subject.

Authors should write content related to the below-mentioned categories:

This is the list of common content categories:

  • News
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Sports

If you have any confusion or want to write on any other topic, do write an email to our team for confirmation and avoid selecting illegal promotional and sexual subjects.

Guidelines related to guest posting: 

Write plagiarism-free content and follow the word limit:

To get your guest post published on our website, you have to include plagiarism-free content only.

It is one of the most basic guidelines that every author shall follow to avoid rejection.

For word limit, we have set two guidelines for maximum and minimum words. 

Authors can write up to 3,000 words in a single guest post but not less than 1,000 words.

Write subject-specific content and add external links:

While writing content for guest posting, make sure you are adding only relevant content that adds value to readers’ knowledge.

We know guest post writers want to add links redirecting to their social media accounts and websites to make their readership wider.

Our organization allows every author to include a maximum of 2 external links in the author bio section.

Image insertion and relevant SEO guidelines :

You are required to add a minimum of one copyright-free and relevant image in a guest post as a featured image. However, authors can also add multiple images in a guest post.

The addition of videos and useful links is also allowed to help readers understand the guest post’s content.

To increase the visibility and online presence of any write-up, authors shall follow relevant SEO guidelines. 

People search content on search engines like Yahoo and Google. As they play the role of medium to access content between readers and platforms, it becomes too important to follow their guidelines to increase the reach of the content.

So, authors are advised to find relevant SEO guidelines and write content accordingly.

How do I send guest posts for publication?

After writing content following all specific guidelines stated on this page, it is time for publication.

Authors are required to send us an email attaching the guest post. We generally take up to 24 hours to reply to the email.

Email id: info@eltonjohnwashingtondc.com