7 Best Places to Visit in Nassau (Secrets from a Local)

7 Best Places to Visit in Nassau (Secrets from a Local)

The Bahamas are a fantastic place to relax on the beach. But, when visiting Nassau, there are many things to do and see outside of Atlantis Paradise Island. The island life beckons! Nassau is the Bahamas’ most popular tourist destination. There are also airport transfers that make it simple to go downtown. Don’t worry, I’ve prepared the best list of things to do in Nassau that aren’t on the tourist itinerary.

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7 Best Places to Visit in Nassau:

1. Bay Street

The best way to see everything is to go on a guided tour where you can learn about the history. Walking along here, you’ll come across the Straw Market (rebuilt after a fire), which is full of items from local merchants and a few authentic shops. The main street is a short walk from the cruise ship dock at Prince George Wharf.

Most things to do in Nassau, Bahamas, can be reached by foot from here. The area is lined with many clubs and restaurants, as well as some excellent jewellers. Continue along West Bay Street to encounter beaches and other natural beauty.

2. Straw Market

The Straw Market is a Nassau tradition that is great fun for the entire family. Some Straw Market vendors specialize in straw purses and hats, while others are wood carvers. Look around before you buy; you might come across a hidden gem by one of the many outstanding local artists you would have missed! A.

Baker & Sons is the oldest store in Nassau, Bahamas. The inventory is a little worn, but the shirts, hats, and cuff links are excellent. This is also where you may get christening robes.

3. Enjoy Local Rum

Continue down the street from A. Baker & Sons to the Bahamas Rum Cake shop. There are free samples, rum, and a fantastic rum cake. Bring some rum cake home as a souvenir or for friends and family.

If you enjoy rum, book this trip with GetYourGuide. “A local will take you on a walking tour of Nassau, where you will be able to sample all of the top rums! It lasts two hours, which is plenty of time to learn about rum culture before continuing on with your own local tour!

4. Pirate Republic Brewing

Pirate Republic brewing, which is a short walk from Prince George Wharf and serves some of the best craft beer in town, is another wonderful local venue for cruise liner tourists.

The brewery serves a variety of beers as well as bar cuisine. It’s a nice place to cool off after exploring the national parks or going to the beach. Many visitors are unaware that Nassau has historic landmarks. There will be no water park, but you will learn about Bahamian culture! 

5. Parliament Square 

Nassau obtained independence from the United Kingdom in the 1960s. The government is like that of England, including a Parliament and judicial system. In the 1960s, my grandpa was the Minister of Education. We enjoy going to see what remains of his legacy.

The courts are beside the government house. Lawyers and judges are still clad in classic English gowns and white-haired wigs. Check Here Copa Airlines Name Change Policy.

6. Queen’s Staircase

The Queen’s Staircase has 100 feet of solid limestone steps and is the most visited sight in Nassau. The Queen’s Staircase was erected by enslaved people in the 1700s and took over 16 years to complete. Because it is free to visit and climb, the Queen’s Staircase is one of the top things to do in Nassau. Fort Fincastle may be at the top of the stairs; continue reading to learn more about the historic forts! 

7. French Cloister Relics

The Cloister is one of the most unusual things to do in Nassau. The Cloister was initially erected as a monastery in France in the 1300s. It was relocated across the Atlantic to the Four Seasons resort. The Cloister is a magnificent Roman-style edifice that is used for gatherings. It is also one of the few French constructions to have been transported over the Atlantic.

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